30 May 2009

Hmmm, aku agak querious jugak bila aku rasa pergerakan baby cam tendang menendang, summer sout, agak berkurangan, aku cuma rasa pergerakan baby seperti dia berpusing, goyangan kaki, kepala, badan semua. Tapi kick kick tu mmg boleh dikira dlm minggu ni.
Aku pun search dlm forum...jumpa ni:-

"I'm 30 weeks 5 days, my baby used to be very active and kicking all the time last week. 2 recent days, he's slowing down, today he just moves very softly: 5 movements in 1 hour and sleep(maybe) almost 2 hours. I don't feel any kick like before, just light movements (flutters). Is there something wrong with him? I'm so worried."

"it's long as you are feeling some type of movement daily everything is okay. As you get further along there isn't as much room in there for baby to move around, so obviously you will feel less movement."

But i still have to monitor it, I will count my baby's movement every hours. How to count? Aku ade jumpa satu website ni, doktor dari seberang, Indonesia. maybe boleh di praktikkan.

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