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27 April 2010

"Dear Boss,

With regard to the above, I've taken 1 day EL on last week Friday 23/4/2010 due to unexpected circumstances happended to me and makes me unable to come to the office.

Its start on that morning where my Myvi car tyre was punctured, its seems like the tyre was 'bold & corn' (kematu) (i've never change or even cross change all my 4 tyres since 2005, year that i bought the car).

And i decided to take cab after i walk and send my baby to the baby sitter's house which her flat located outside of our apartment area.

However, my husband does'nt allowed me to take cab because the taxi fare will be so expensive (from tasik sltn to bkt jelutong), and he will drive us (me & baby) to baby sitter's house and to VB even though he has an urgent presentation which will starts on 9.00am.

Suddently, we unable to exit from our apartment because, there was a long queue from our block to the gate, we are stucked in the queue from 7.40am-8.20am, and it was raining.
We managed to exit from our apartment on 8.20-8.25am and straight to baby sitter's house. There, we stucked again. I tought there was an accident, however someone told us (an army staff riding a motocycle) there was a landslide at their main gate/entrance and our road become their main entrance for the moment.

My husband really can't send me that time, because he have to attend to their tender meeting and has to present their project documentation. I followed him to his office.
On around 10.00-10.15am, his meeting adjourned. He complaint of chest pain, and cant breath easily maybe due to bad cough and felt like wants to vomit.

I drive him to our panel clinic and the doctor refer him to check further at Pantai Hospital, Cheras(because his cough and cold become worst and the symptoms are likely to influenza A).
There, I have to drive, assist and wait him to do all the procedures X-Ray (chest and head) and blood test. I felt like It was our unlucky day.

After a long wait, result came out, and the specialist doctor (Dr Ravindran) said he has a bad sinus (resdung) which cause him uneasy to breath and chest pain, thanks to god its not influenza A.

And he has to take all the prescribe medicine and have to come again for follow up on 30/4/2010. "

Ilmu baru:-
-Resdung boleh menyebabkan kahak terhasil tanpa henti likat dan pekat.
-Simpton batuk2, sakit dada, sakit kepala&selsema bukan saje Influenza A,tapi resdung, sila cek!
-Kuman resdung boleh menerobos masuk ke dalam darah.
-Dari ujian darah pun boleh tahu sesorang tu ade resdung atau tak.
-Dari X-Ray pun boleh nampak kawasan yg kronik resdung, area yg terlindung warna kelabu.
-Pantai Medical punye kantin amat kecik, beli 1 teh O dan 1 teh tarik + sandwich harga RM8.50
-Doktor2 dia tak berlegar2 kejar sana sini, tapi duk dlm bilik2 klinik ikut kepakaran masing2.
-Majoriti 95% patient dan manusia di situ berbangsa Cina.

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