Belated Birthday Present

25 October 2008

.:.Sunway Piramid.:.

I was a bit busy doing the Bunga Stoking for my friend when abg asked me to accompany him shopping. Well, since it is shopping matter, definitely I will come with him.

We went to Sunway Piramid and had our breakfast at the Nasi Lemak stall. Taste so good! But the price is really extra ordinary, RM 6.50 each plate. As long as kenyang, Alhamdulillah.

Then we went to Jusco. I didn’t plan to buy anything, but abg as usual will buy something for me. He bought for me 3 pairs of long pants. Terima kasih sayang!

Unfortunetely, I accidentally dropped abg’s Wira Tunggal comic while shopping. And its gone! Abg was very angry with me but he managed to control his anger…and tears in my eyes. So, we go and buy another Wira Tunggal but this time, not at Sunway Piramid, its in Giant.

Thanks to Allah, abg stay calm.

.:.Giant Kinrara.:.

Our agenda here to catch some food to be filled in our fridge. On the way back to the basement, abg suddently stop by infront of the City Chain. He ask me which watch is nicer. I said the pink color with diamonds on top is nice, and the price is also nice la! I thought abg just asking me for fun, but he took that watch and bring it to the cashier…


I’m just speechless and start wondering in my heart, is it for me? Don’t la, its too expensive, I cant accept that…
I asked abg, he didn’t answer me, but he start talking other topics. So, ok…I wont asked about it anymore…

We took our lunch at Mc Donalds Tmn Connaught. And here, the surprise begin…

The Storyboard

“Ayang, Happy Belated Birthday, semoga panjang umur, murah rezki and abg nak baby!”

=) InsyaAllah sayang…thank you soooo much sampai akhirat!


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